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Our star product, The indoor slippers! An important everyday footwear in our home.

Our shoes are vulcanized, with a sole made of sponges of certain densities where the feet adapt comfortably creating a unique feeling of relaxation and well-being.

In summer we like to work with materials that are breathable and comfortable.
As for the colors, we have gone crazy, explosion of color to make the summer days at home much more joyful. Highlight the fuchsia, green, blue, mauve as colors in this new collection SS18

In the indoor slippers we put our efforts in obtaining comfortable products for the day to day, we look for the perfect union between maximum comfort of each one of our designs and a careful aesthetics, colorist with embroideries of high quality, or digital impressions.

In berevere we offer a product that is within the trends of each season, without leaving behind the best qualities of each shoe. We manufacture both men's and women's footwear and this generates a wide variety of products in our collections.