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We spend the week looking forward to the weekend and for what? To get to take off your work clothes, put on your Berevere slippers and enjoy the comfort and your home.

 One of the best plans for a Friday night? Dinner at home with friends, that is arranged but comfortable with the slippers of being at home, because it is not at odds.

 On Saturday? After a meal with friends, it's time for a nap and a good movie, get home and do the ritual of taking off your clothes, putting on your pajamas and some Berevere to give your feet a rest.

 The weekend is coming to an end.... on Sunday, it's family food in the country or at the mother-in-law's house, nothing happens, the afternoon is ahead of you to enjoy the sofa and your home with your loved ones again.

 With the good weather we will also enjoy the terrace and the tranquility of being at home, with family or friends, but we will wear Berevere to cause a sensation among your family.

 Berevere is comfort, convenience, design and we offer the best qualities to make you feel completely at home.